Kansas City: In The Spotlight

Kansas City is rich in history and abundant in future opportunities. Kansas City has been named "The City of Fountains" and is second only to Rome as the city with the most fountains in the world. The city has also earned the title of "Paris of the Plains," harkening back to the days when jazz and urban culture were beginning to flourish in the Midwest. It has won praise for being a place of enormous influence on the growth of jazz and blues styles, gaining nationwide recognition for its 18th and Vine District. The city is also known for its very own style of Kansas City Barbecue. Dining and entertainment options abound in the historic River Market, West Bottoms, and Westport District, in addition to the Country Club Plaza shopping center. Kansas City is on the rise, growing rapidly as it becomes a truly world-class city. The energy is high, and the future is bright, which is why Kansas City, with its delicious cuisine, urban parks, and creative culture, has become a place where people from every corner of the United States now call home.

Hilltop Village is in a location within Southeast Kansas City in the process of realizing huge growth. Four massive redevelopment projects nearby are projected to bring over 40,000 jobs within approximately 3miles of the property (see aerial map). These four projects will also drive extensive ancillary redevelopment in the immediate vicinity of Hilltop and beyond for the next decade. The projects include the Cerner Corporation’s development of their Three Trails Campus on 1,600 acres across the street from Hilltop Village. Centerpointe Properties’ redevelopment of the 165 acre Bannister Federal Complex is to the west of Hilltop Village; the redevelopment of the 465 acre Rockridge Quarry site into an industrial park, directly across Highway 435 to the west; and development of the 344 acre, $1.3BBN Oxford on the Blue biotech office park, also directly across Highway 435 along East 87th – approximately one mile west on the street upon which Hilltop is located.